Nearly 2 dozen vehicles damaged or destroyed in fire at South County condo complex

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - On Saturday morning flames take over a carport at the Bent Pine condo complex.

It all happened just after 3am, owners woke up to find flames and 20 cars damaged and destroyed. The flames were so intense the siding on their homes was also melted.  Owner Tom Meyer says he helped rescue his neighbors and lost his black 1999 Chevy Cavalier new tags and all. The car only had 59,000 miles.

"It was in perfect shape i lost a little jewel." said Meyer

Neighbors say it took Mehlville fire crews 2 hours to put out the flames. They also say a bad condo fire at the same complex 3 years ago.

“We started knocking on doors waking everybody up we couldn’t go out the front door the heat was so bad the flames were intense. I found the guy downstairs and said we have to come out through your unit." said Meyer

As for the cause of the fire neighbors say storms and lightning might be the cause.  There were no injuries and fire crews are still investigating.