Video emerges of Bernard Scott in Pine Lawn jail cell

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PINE LAWN, MO (KPLR) – Tonight there is more outrage surrounding the case of a Pine Lawn jail inmate who was allegedly denied medical care and ended up in a coma.

News11's George Sells is in Pine Lawn where surveillance camera video has emerged that the attorney for Bernard Scott says backs his client's story.

The video was obtained by our partners at the Post-Dispatch through an open records request.  It shows Bernard Scott changing clothes to go to the hospital, that process being stopped by jailers, and then his near suicide after medics left.

Bernard Scott spent eleven days in a coma according to his attorney, after being found near death on the floor of his Pine Lawn jail cell a year ago this month.

That was the belief of Scott’s lawyer all along, but now there is surveillance video he says backs that up.  It begins with the period where Scott is complaining of abdominal pain and paramedics show up.  He's examined, and they plan to take him to the hospital, but, according to reports obtained by our partners at the Post-Dispatch, and attorney Jermaine Wooten, they were turned away over $360 in unpaid traffic tickets.  And that's just the beginning.

What happened next appears to be an effort by Scott to hang himself.  He uses his own shoelaces.  The video is difficult to see, and we're not showing the suicide attempt, but jailers continue to look into the cell before a supervisor finally enters.

He expects a suit to be filed within a month.

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