Couple says they were overcharged by rental company

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FENTON, MO (KPLR) – A rental run around for a couple moving from Imperial to Fenton.

They say the experience cost them both time and money.  They also say they were overcharged and they want that money back.

This was an ordeal for this couple. What`s worse they are frustrated that the people they`re talking to at U-Haul are not answering all of their questions.

Debbi San Filippo and Andy Nosser ordered a 26 foot U-Haul truck they needed to move from Imperial to Fenton.  Andy says he placed an order weeks before the move.  'I did the online order and everything and it just got totally blown out of proportion.   I got an email saying Confirmed.   And I get there and they have no record of it. '

Andy says he waited for more than an hour at U-Haul in High Ridge.  And he still didn't get a truck.   Mind you he and Debbi drove from Imperial thinking they'd get a truck.  It was suggested they go to Crestwood for the 26 foot truck.  They drove there and no 26 foot truck.  They were told the Fenton location had a 20 foot truck. Good idea since it was closer to their new apartment right?  Not really according to Andy.  'I get to the Fenton location and end up with a 15 foot truck but they charged me for a 20 which is ten dollars a day difference.  And since I got a smaller truck means I had to make more loads. '

Now that truck was paid for by Debbi's mom.  $253 was charged to her debit card.  They think this is too much since the truck was smaller and the drive was shorter.  What`s worse Jeri says she used her bill money.  'After they took this money out that left me no money to pay my electric bill.  I`m about ready to have a panic attack so it is very, extremely bad. '

Debbi says they ran around trying to get a truck from 10am until 5pm.  That's when they finally started moving.  'We had all those hours and time on my vehicle, gas on my vehicle and the extra mileage we had to put on the U-Haul truck.  Just all the run around.  It was just the biggest ridiculous hassle I`ve ever had to deal with in my life.'

Waiting for a truck created other issues.  They lost most of their helpers.  People had other things to do.  Andy says there`s more.  'We had to leave a washer and dryer behind. We couldn`t go back and get it because they wouldn`t let us back in the apartment because we had already been scheduled to move out.'

We've emailed and called U-Haul corporate office.  And the most we've been told is someone would work with the couple to straighten out the discrepancy.

If you have a consumer issue our call for action hotline is open Monday through Thursday from 11am until 1pm.  The toll free number is 800-782-2222.

For Contact 2 I`m Bonita Cornute.

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