Lindenwood students start campaign to get Taylor Swift to visit campus

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) – She`s a singer songwriter whose name is familiar with fans all over the world. Now, some students are hoping that a family connection will bring Taylor Swift to campus.

On the front page of the Lindenwood Legacy newspaper is a story that's gaining some traction with students.

'We found out that she was a student here at Lindenwood when it was still Lindenwood College back in the day and she graduated in 1949,' says Viktoria Muench, a Senior Mass Communications Major.

She was Marjorie Moehlenkamp and known for her voice and these Lindenwood Lions are hoping to lure the modern day pop princess known as Taylor Swift to their university.

The seven time Grammy winner`s grandma once graced the halls of Lindenwood in the late 1940`s.

'Her grandma graduated with a degree in music and she attributes a lot of her success and a lot of her inspiration to her grandmother,' says Kelby Lorenz, an Advertising & PR Major.

Moehlenkamp had her own successful singing career performing in Puerto Rico, Cuba and even South America.

Swift herself has said that music`s backbeat and rhythm runs through her bloodline.

'I think one of the things that blew us away was when we saw her photo everyone just gasped because it looks just like her with dark hair,' says Susan Weich, Journalism Assistant Professor.

Now her legacy left behind is being touted again in the legacy newspaper as well as a social media campaign on twitter and Facebook. All in the hopes that, Taylor Swift will come to town to walk down memory lane and into her grandmother`s shoes.

Well the campaign continues to try and bring Taylor Swift to town and even if she doesn`t show, students say they`ll just have to shake it off.