Clayton residents upset over racist notes left on vehicles

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - Clayton Police are looking for the person responsible for placing racist notes on cars in Clayton neighborhoods.  The vile language has residents upset. Police said as of Wednesday night they don’t have any suspects.

A woman who wants to remain anonymous found one of the notes on her car.  She said, “Somebody has a lot of bad feelings they are angry about something. This is how they’re showing it.”  The message she received said, “Dirty lying ugly racist. White n-words. Kill yourselves.” Police said 7 residents received notes.  Some were found in the Old Town Clayton area.  Police said the messages seem to be distributed randomly; people who received one are from different walks of life. Some notes were also found in the Davis Place neighborhood. Clayton Police Lt. Don Bass said, “It could be a hate crime.”

Detectives said the notes were left on vehicle windshields sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning during the holiday weekend. Lt. Bass added, “We are concerned regardless, this clearly upsets people it upsets us it’s a value of life type crime if you will. Jenny Abeles is a Clayton resident, “I have to makes sure doors are locked, cars are locked and put away and I’m always a little more watchful of anybody who walks around the neighborhood because of it.”

The woman who received one of the notes has been told by others who got one they contain different messages, some anti-white others anti-black. Police said even if the messages are a prank, the work of juveniles, laws have been broken.  Lt. Bass said, “At the least peace disturbance, it offends people and put them in fear especially if it is something related to race or religion.”

Clayton Police would like assistance from the public.  If anyone’s home surveillance system may have possibly caught the suspect on camera, police would like to view it.  Detectives also said some notes were also placed on vehicle windshields in Richmond Heights.