A St. Louis woman shares a connection with a stranger, after kidney donation

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A St. Louis woman is getting national attention for her life-saving organ donation. She gave up one of her kidneys to a complete stranger.

The recipient is in Maryland and the St. Louis donor says once she researched how many people are waiting for a kidney, she felt like she had no choice.

Sara Fleming is an organ donor with a big heart. She gave up a kidney for Akiba Robinson after reading about her story at matching donors dot com. After a series of tests, doctors determined there was a match.

Robinson says Fleming saved her life. We talked with her from Maryland through Skype.

The two now share more than smiles, and they consider each other family.

Their story is spreading on social media, and they hope it serves as an inspiration to others, what two people can share in life.

The surgery was in June, and Fleming says she's recovered just fine. Robinson says she's also doing well, and plans to take care of that kidney the best she can, so she can enjoy a long life.