Gas prices at their lowest in 10 years for Labor Day weekend

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – The American Automotive Association says Missouri drivers are seeing the cheapest gas prices on a Labor Day weekend in more than a decade. And this morning many areas around St. Louis woke up to another drop.

It was a sight that turned more than a few heads along St. Charles Rock Road.  The price of gas, plummeting for a month had dropped again Sunday morning.  Suddenly the thought of $2 gas was no longer a dream, it was a lousy deal.  Welcome to the world of $1.89 per gallon.

This stretch in North County has the lowest collection of prices right now, but across the metro on the Missouri side of the river, AAA reported a three cent per gallon average drop overnight, to a $2.07 average. That's a forty cent drop from a month ago, a nearly dollar and a quarter per gallon less than we were paying Labor Day weekend last year.

Drivers were all smiles regarding this price from the past.  Ron Stille owns the restaurant next door to the station where he fills up, and he's seeing benefit on two fronts; a cheaper fill up for him, and a little more pocket-money for his customers.

And there's not sign of these prices going anywhere.  AA A points out that prices usually drop after Labor Day, with winter usually hosting the lowest prices of the year.

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