Sullivan man hit by train

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SULLIVAN, MO (KTVI) - A man is dead after he was hit while walking near a railroad track in Sullivan Missouri. The accident happened in the area of Clark and Main streets. Witnesses at the scene indicated the man was walking east along the tracks just moments before he was struck by the front of the train.

Sullivan police rushed to the area of Clark and Main street around 10:30am Thursday.

"We got a call from a citizen who said that a person was struck by a train. Sullivan Police, The Fire District and the ambulance all arrived." said Lt Patrick Johnson of the Sullivan Police.

Emergency crews discovered a 38-year-old white male dead on the tracks.

"From what we gathered he had just left a local store a few minutes before the train hit him. Right now we are treating this as a accident. We are familiar with the individual and we have run into him a few times in the past few weeks." said said Lt Patrick Johnson of the Sullivan Police.

Witnesses at the scene say they are stunned this happened so close to home .

"I was shocked. He had to have heard the train. I walk across these tracks everyday two or three times a day and I never not been able to hear a train." said Cathy Vaughn.

Sullivan police say this is not the first train accident they've had. They warn residents be careful when crossing the track.

"Our tracks go through the middle of town and people don't have too much of a choice on where to cross. So all we ask is to pay attention. Look, listen and when in doubt give the train a wide birth. The trains are much wider than they look. We just ask people to be careful." said Lt Patrick Johnson.

Sullivan police are still trying to determine if the victim was walking along the tracks or trying and stumbled as the train approached. His name is being held until his family is notified.