Daycare workers accused of running, filming ‘fight club’ with children

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CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY– Two New Jersey daycare workers are accused of making the children fight each other for their own amusement. Authorities say they made videos of the scuffles and shared the video with friends.

Investigators say two former day care workers referenced the movie ‘Fight Club’ as they encouraged pre-schoolers and kindergartners to fight each other on the playground at Light Bridge Academy in Cranford, New Jersey.

The prosecutor says 22-year-old Erica Kenny, one of the teacher’s assistants charged, used the app SnapChat to send clips of the disturbing fight to a group of people. The video only lasts only 10 seconds – then disappears – but investigators were able to obtain it after someone recorded it.

The prosecutor says the former workers did it for pure pleasure.

The daycare’s vice-president says the workers were immediately fired.