You Paid For It Team discover city pays for take home car for License Collector & Chief of Staff

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The You Paid For It Team on the trail of another St Louis City elected official with a city take home car that taxpayers paid for.

License Collector Mavis Thompson gets $80,000. But on top of that you provide her a take home car and free gas for her business and personal use.

Thompson goes one step further. She even provides a take home car to her $77,000 a year Chief of Staff.

Ms. Thompson's office deals with making sure businesses comply with licensing laws. She says she uses the take home car for that purpose.

But the take home car is basically a perk that elected officials have gotten for decades.

Since our investigation the head of the much larger Revenue Collector's Office Greg Daly says he's giving back his city bought take home car. St Louis Comptroller Darlene Green says she's willing to give up hers too.

Recorder of Deeds Sharon Carpenter had already decided she didn't want one; Board President Lewis Reed had already given his back. Mayor Slay doesn't have a take-home car.  Elected officials cars don't have city markings on the side such as take home cars used by building inspectors. Also their cars don't have city license plates. Elected officials can order a car with a luxury package if they want.