Holly Hills neighborhood sees its 3rd carjacking in 9 weeks

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – It just happened for the third time in less than 9 weeks:  someone was carjacked at home at gunpoint in one of St. Louis's top neighborhoods.

The latest victim shared the frightening details of the crime with FOX 2, Monday.

It happened Saturday night in the 3900 block of Bowen in the Holly Hills neighborhood, which is home to a number of top St. Louis City officials.

Police confirmed the third carjacking.  All the crimes happened within 6 blocks of each other.

The latest victim did not want to release his name.

He feared the last thing he might hear was gunfire.

He said he was backing into his garage when 3 young men carjacked him at gunpoint; one of the gunman yanked him out of his car and as he was grabbing a six-pack of beer and groceries he’d just bought.

He said he shoved that suspect.

“At which point his partner hammered me (in the back of my head) with the butt of his gun,” the 33-year-old victim said.

He said he fell to the ground knocking down the first suspect; the other two suspects held him on the ground with a gun against his head.  He couldn’t find his keys in the commotion.

“In their mind I wasn’t cooperating because I didn’t know where the keys were.  [The 1st suspect] said, ‘just waste the m-fer’.  Thank God, at that point, the third one who had been rifling through my car while the other two were holding me at gunpoint must have found the keys because the cars started.”

They took the car and left him there, even driving down Bowen right by his house, he said.

June 29th, a woman was carjacked at gunpoint in her garage less than 6 blocks away on Wilmington.

Police recovered her car after it had been crashed in North St. Louis.  The wounded driver ran away, eluding capture, police said.

16 days later a woman was carjacked at gunpoint 3 blocks away the 5800 block of Dewey, her husband and young children inside their home with no idea of the terror she was facing just outside.

Police had yet to alert residents about the crimes, residents said.

The latest victim decided to come forward to do just that.

“You see that stuff on the news and you think, ‘oh, it can’t happen to me’.  Let me tell people, it can happen to you,” he said.  “The gun was touching me.  I heard the hammer get pulled back…thank God the car started when it did.”

The car is a silver, 2003 Saturn L200.

The victim did not want to release his name.

Police don't believe this crime is related to the other two but won't say why.

The suspect descriptions were similar:  African American males, late teens to early 20's.

There were only two suspects in the first two cases.  One of the three suspects in the latest case had jaw-length braided hair.