Trump grabs headlines with comments on Ferguson and St. Louis

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(KPLR) – You decide 2016 and Donald Trump is back at it, grabbing headlines for comments about immigrants and yet another sparring match with a member of the media.

This time his comments single out Saint Louis and Ferguson.

FOX 2's Elliot Weiler took a closer look at what Trump said and how people here are reacting.

Both comments were made during a campaign swing in Iowa, that's where Donald Trump first launched into an unsubstantiated rant about gangs in the Saint Louis area.

"OK, there is no act of love. It`s tough stuff, it`s mean stuff, and it`s gonna be taken care of. You know a lot of the gangs that you see in Baltimore and St. Louis and Ferguson and Chicago do you know they are illegal immigrants, they`re here illegally, and they`re rough dudes, rough people. They`re gonna be gone so fast if I win that your head will spin. They`re gonna be gone so fast, ok?"

It makes for a good sound bite, but is it even true?

Ferguson's mayor says no, James Knowles the third was a guest on FOX2 News in the Morning.

"I`m assuming that Donald Trump said that from his extensive experience in St. Louis or in Ferguson, again he`s never been here, as far as I know, and I`ve never seen any roving bands of illegal immigrants in Ferguson."

But trump wasn't finished at a news conference he called on a reporter from CBS, but was interrupted by a news anchor from Spanish-language network Univision.

(Trump ) "Okay. Who's next? Yeah. Please."

(Jorge Ramos / Univision Anchor ) "Mr. Trump, I have a question."

(Trump) "Excuse me. Sit down. You weren't called. Sit down."

(Ramos) "No, I..."

(Trump) "Sit down. Sit down. Sit down!"

(Ramos) " immigrant."

(Trump) "Go ahead."

(Ramos) "I have the right to ask a question."

(Trump) "No, you don't. You haven't been called."

(Ramos) "I have the right to ask a

The anchor was momentarily kicked out of the news conference, only to be brought back in for another, more civil give and take with Trump.

Keep in mind, none of these comments true or not are hurting Donald Trump in the polls, in fact it's just the opposite. He still enjoys wide leads in the crowded GOP primary field.

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