Dove hunting season starts September 1st

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The countdown to one of Fall`s first hunting season is under way. Dove season in Missouri starts September 1st. Hunters will take to the fields for some fast shooting and unique challenges.

What are some things dove hunters should keep in mind?

• Need to have both a Missouri Small Game permit (between age 16 and 64), and Migratory Bird Hunting Permit if 16 or older
• Hunters 15 and under require no permit, but must be in the presence of a licensed adult hunter or have a hunter education card
• Daily limit of 15, possession limit of 45
• A number of Conservation Areas require non-toxic shot, so check with the area offices to make sure you have the proper ammunition
• It`s a good idea to scout dove hunting fields before the season starts to assess conditions, food sources, bird concentrations, etc.
• Practice shooting skills ahead of time

Safety is always a concern with any hunting. What about hunting doves?

• Unique because shooting can come fast and excitement is high
• Be on the lookout for other hunters in the field
• Limit shots to 45 degrees or higher
• Be aware of what`s beyond where you intend to shoot
• Always keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction and the safety on until it`s time to fire
• When on the move, make sure the action is open

Where are some places dove hunters can go?

• Go to for a list of MDC dove hunting areas
• Newly redesigned hunting website makes finding information more intuitive
• Top areas around St. Louis include Columbia Bottom, Weldon Spring Conservation Area
• Can also find dove management maps

Report banded birds to 1-800-327-BAND or

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