Boy found alive after 28 hours lost in mountain wilderness

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VERNAL, Utah – (KUTV) A 10-year-old boy from Lehi has been found alive and well, after being lost and separated from his family in the Uintah County wilderness.

Crews from across the state had been combing the area near Paradise Park Campground in the Ashley National Forest, both on foot and in the air.

Malachi was missing for 28 hours before his scent was picked up by a search dog that led rescuers to his side.

Family was waiting for updates at a nearby command post and were unaware that he had been found until a helicopter landed nearby and someone shouted, “they found him!”

A group of family members rushed to meet him as he was pulled from the helicopter by a rescuer.

After spending 28 hours lost in the cold, wet mountains, Malachi had this to say, “It was awesome. It was actually really fun, I hiked like literally 30 miles.”

Family members say they were fishing at Paul Lake; Malachi had already caught a fish, so he was doing some exploring.

“I was trying to collect mushrooms and I didn’t find any by the lake, it was stupid,” he said.

Malachi’s mother Molly was overcome with emotion.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt something so intensely in my whole life.”

After spending 15 minutes with paramedics in the back of an ambulance, Malachi was carried away by family.

“I’m proud of my boy, proud of the team, proud of the fact that I’m not going to have a tragedy,” said Molly. “I don’t have a tragedy, I just have this cool story that my son gets to tell and that feels awesome.


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