Couple sentenced to get married or go to jail

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TYLER, TX - It’s a sentence that went viral. A Texas judge ordered a man charged with assaulting his girlfriend's ex to marry the woman or face 15 days in jail.
Now the couple is speaking out about how the sentence, and the global reaction to it, has changed them.

Julia Jenae reports.

(Josten Bundy)

"I completely did not expect it."

Josten Bundy says the media attention blew his mind.

(Josten Bundy) - "I fell asleep the other day and woke up and I was on the front page of Yahoo, I took a nap at 1 o'clock and woke up at 5 o'clock and I'm on World News."

(Elizabeth Jaynes) - "A lot of phone calls. A lot of people wanting us on their show, wanting us to call for their show. Dr. Phil wants us, the Doctors wants us."

Shared by thousands, potentially viewed by millions and not just in the U.S.

(Elizabeth Jaynes) - "My cousin in England saw it in the paper yesterday.  One lady tried to offer me her wedding dress. "

Judge Randall Rogers hasn't responded to requests for a comment from media outlets on his sentencing practices, or why he felt a marriage order was appropriate.

On Friday, a person in Pennsylvania started a petition to the White House calling for Rogers' disbarment for violating Bundy's first amendment rights.  The petition has over 670 signatures.
Bundy says he doesn't plan to sign the petition, but he hopes the attention will bring about justice.

(Josten Bundy) - "I didn't expect that many people to care, but when you read the story, so many people feel certain ways about marriage, you know, it is a big deal, it's a commitment and for you not to have the final decision in every single aspect of it, who's going to be there, what cake we're going to get.  We didn't even get cake."

No pastries at the wedding they didn't plan for, but a lot of attention and remaining questions about whether the ruling was above the law.

In Tyler, Julia Jenae KLTV 7 News.

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