Officer pulls gun on man during heated argument in viral video

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ROHNERT PARK, CA – Police in California are investigating an incident where an officer is seen drawing his gun on a man who apparently wasn’t accused of committing a crime. It happened during a heated verbal altercation in front of the man’s home on July 27th. Cellphone video of the incident has been released.

“We’re going to look at our protocols to make sure we’re ensuring the safety of the community and our officers," said Rohnert Park City Manager Darrin Jenkins.

Jenkins said police will investigate the incident that occurred on July 27. In the video, the officer is seen driving up to Don McComas’ home while he loaded up his boat on his driveway. Then, the police cruiser stopped for several minutes.

McComas pulled out his cellphone and started recording and the officer did the same on his phone. Then, the officer got out of his car and this exchange takes place.

“Take your hand out of your pocket – no sir, I’ve done nothing. Seriously., said the officer.

“Put your gun down, really?” said Don McComas.

The officer now with his gun out tells McComas to get his hand out of his pocket and puts those items from his pocket on his car.

“No you don’t touch me, you don’t touch me.” said Don McComas.

McComas keeps asking the cop why he’s at his home and if he’s charged with anything.

“Are you accusing me of a crime? Are you suspecting me of a crime?” said Don McComas.

“If I did I would arrest you,” said the officer.

Then McComas blurts out this: “You guys have done enough to my family.”

The officer seemed bewildered.

“Are you some kind of constitutionalist, crazy guy, something like that?" said the officer.

Finally the officer leftl, telling McComas to have a nice day and to put the video on YouTube.

McComas did not answer ABC 7’s calls.

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