Alleged molester was never placed on sex offender registry

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – He’s faced a laundry list of criminal charges including sex related crimes, but Larry Alverson was never placed on a sex offender registry.  That’s because he was never convicted of a sex related crime.

The most recent charge of public indecency/lewd exposure involved accusations from a witness he was masturbating.   That charge is a misdemeanor and is still pending.

More than a dozen year ago, Alverson was accused of breaking into a home and crawling into bed with a 14-year-old girl.  Then prosecutor Bob Haida opted for a plea deal.  Alverson was charged with home invasion.  Sex charges were dropped.  The thinking was the deal would guarantee a heftier penalty. Alverson was sentenced to 10-years in prison.

Current St. Clair County prosecutor Brendan Kelley said Alverson was never required to register as a sex offender because he was never convicted of a criminal charge that would require such action.

“The only thing I can say about my nephew is the whole family knows that he had a mental problem,” said an aunt of Alverson. She asked not to be identified.  “We were just wondering why they never treated him for his illness, which I think they all knew.”

Alverson’s aunt says prison did not change her nephew.  She said she feels for the victim’s family and hope they can find it in their heart to, “Forgive him a little bit by the grace of God.”

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