Greene County resident begin clean up after levy break floods town

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HILLVIEW, IL (KPLR) - People in a flooded Illinois town of Hillview began cleaning up and figuring out how to prevent future floods. A levee broke Sunday unleashing a wall of water that spread through much of the town.  Resident Clarence Hamm said, “It freaked me out yes sir it did.”

Too much rain in a short amount of time, combined with rising creeks and rivers to blast a hole through a levee that protects much of the community of 150 citizens. Boats were brought in to rescue people including children.   State Senator Sam McCann said, “We’ve actually been in the state of flooding for over a month here in this part of the state.”

Railroad crews shored up tracks that could not handle all the water.  Utility crews started repairs on a pipe that carries clean water to homes and businesses.  When flood waters broke it about a dozen homes no longer had fresh water. Bottled water was delivered to the town. People say it’s time to fix a flooding problem the frequently plagues this community.

Anna Steinacher, a resident, said, “I want to fix it there’s no need to leave it open and let water constantly run through this town if we keep doing that there won’t be a town no more.”

The local church had its own struggle. The basement was still drying out from about two feet of water.  The sump pump stopped working. Other agencies including the Illinois’ Emergency Management Agency and Army Corp. of Engineers showed up.  The state senator plans to bring together all groups involved in the flooding and try to find a solution.  But he knows that will cost money. Senator McCann said. “Illinois is notorious for not necessarily being flush with cash right now.”

Google Map for coordinates 39.402986 by -90.374835.

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