Teen completes bucket list by sacrificing her life

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CONNECTICUT- After her tragic death, Rebecca Townsend’s family found her “Bucket List” that shows in her last moments, she completed her list.

Her list, written as a high school class assignment, included being kissed in the rain, flying to Spain, and saving a life.

On July 2nd, she successfully completed the last item. The 17-year-old was crossing a street with a friend after watching fireworks when both were struck by a vehicle. The friend reported the last thing he remembered was being pushed out of the way before the vehicle struck.

After discovering the list in Rebecca’s room, her sisters set up ‘Remembering Rebecca’, a Facebook page dedicated to keep her memory and spirit alive.

The hash tag #RememberingRebecca has gone viral and has people, even celebrities, paying it forward.

By Holly Sias

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