Belleville city council to go paperless

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – Roger Wigginton has a city council meeting Monday evening.

'All of these things we have to make motions on we can pull them up for clarification,' says Roger Wigginton, Belleville Alderman and business owner.

In days past the aldermen and owner of Don Rogers Limited would have mounds of paper to peruse before a council meeting.

Now, he simply taps an iPad keep up-to-date.

'This is one is less than 200 pages, but typically it can be 500 to 800,' says Dallas Cook, Belleville City Clerk. 'So we would have stacks of paper here and we would box them up and take them downstairs.'

It's City Clerk Dallas Cook who came up with the solution for the sixteen aldermen who represent the 45,000 residents here.

Now they can hear petitions from the palm of their hand.

A report that was 165 pages long is now, just a touch away.

'We have it on our server here as well as on our website,' says Cook. 'Our website is hosted by Civic Plus so they also store it as well. There we do not need to even keep the paper copies any longer.'

Two years into his first term as clerk, Cook created an answer to an archaic way of doing business thus saving the city dollars and cents.

'We spent approximately $12,000 to purchase the iPads and the software and it`s saving us about $10,000 to $15,000 dollars a year based on estimates on paper and then the cost to deliver the packets using the police force,' says Cook.

'The amount of savings in paper alone is tremendous but the speed that we get the information is even better,' says Wigginton.

The city that is sisters with Paderborn Germany is putting down its future...paperless.

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