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Mom says son kicked out of class over haircut

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BELMONT, CA - The parents of an African American kindergarten student kicked out of a Belmont classroom because of his haircut, have filed a federal civil rights complaint.

The archdiocese responded, saying they haven’t seen the complaint but added that their school's hair policy is very explicit.

Vic lee has the story.

His is six year old Jaylyn Broussard.

Last December, he went to his kindergarten class at the Immaculate Heart of Mary School with a new hairdo.

It's called "a faded" cut ..slightly longer at the top and short on the sides.

(Marianna Broussard/Mother) "He was really excited about it because they usually go bald or short afro, so he was excited to have something different."

That excitement suddenly turned to tears.

His mother Marianna Broussard got a call from his teacher saying his haircut violated school policy.

(Marianna Broussard/Mother) "She said in these situations, its better that the child be removed from the school environment so they're not an undue influence on the rest of the school population."

Broussard had no choice but to take Jaylon home.

She got his hair cut but in the meantime, Broussard kept asking school officials why?

The school policy banned extreme hairstyles,... Fauxhawks, tails spiking and such ... But mentioned nothing that looked like this.

Plus there were other students who maybe should have been questioned too because of their hair length.

(Marianna Broussard/Mother) "I do believe he was discriminated against. There are a lot of kids who have hair that’s longer in the middle that's shorter on the sides."

Jennifer Bezoza, lawyers committee for civil rights.

(Jennifer Bezoza/Lawyer) "The only difference is the texture of his hair because he's an African American."

Broussard says email communications with the school produced no new answers.

In late January, she pulled Jaylyn and his older brother out of the school and filed a complaint.

Broussard would love to ask President Obama what he thinks of all this.

Earlier this month, when he arrived at SFO, eight-year-old Tyler Branch got to meet him.

And this is what Mr. Obama said about the child's haircut.

"I got to shake his hand and he liked my Mohawk!"

Wonder what the president would say about Jaylyn's hair?