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Hikers and dog struck by lightning

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CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, CO - A lightning strike on a popular mountain in Colorado injured eight people and killed a dog.

The clear creek county sheriff says they received multiple calls Sunday morning.

All the victims were able to climb down the mountain with medical personnel.

Three people were taken to a hospital... And all are expected to be okay.

Ashley Michels has the latest.

Mount Bierstadt is one of the most popular 14ers in Colorado. But there's an unwritten rule about when you can and when you can’t hike it.

(Rick Albers, Clear Creek County, CO Sheriff) Usually people go up and get out before about 1 or 2 because that's usually when we have our storms coming in.

But Sunday afternoon Mother Nature didn't play by her own rules.

(Rick Albers, Clear Creek County, CO Sheriff) This one hit early about 11:30 am.

Surprising dozens of hikers.

(Caroline Mayer, Hiker) The storm rolled in real fast probably like 10 - 20 minutes of a grey cloud. I felt a rain drop I was like oh no it's raining I hope the weather doesn't turn.

It did.

(No Name Given) We saw a lightning bolt just come out of nowhere.

15 people and a dog were hit.

(No Name Given, Hiker) We heard screams lots of screams and people started running down from the mountain.

(Caroline Mayer, Hiker) People just coming down. It looked like a rock slide we were just a couple maybe 500 feet from the top just everyone flying down.

The dog didn't make it. But everyone else got back down on their own. A trip hikers we talked to describe as frantic.

(Caroline Mayer, Hiker) Every time the thunder rumbled everyone hits the ground lays down flat.

(No Name Given, Hiker) You could feel it coming and your hair would stand up on end again.

Finally back at base -- thankful tears -- after a trek they'll never forget.

(No Name Given, Hiker) My hiking partner started praying and it definitely could have been a lot worse

It takes about an hour to hike down from the summit -- and hikers were caught in the storm that whole time.

Everyone who was on the mountain has been accounted for.