Authorities continue search for missing 13-year-old

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MISSING 13-YEAR-OLDWATERLOO, IL (KPLR) - Multiple fire and police departments are searching for a missing Mt. Vernon 13-year-old girl. She showed up unexpectedly at a faith-based summer program called Camp Wartburg.

Thirteen-year-old Ja-Tayah Leila Frank was last seen around 11 a.m. Monday.

Authorities said the teenager was dropped off by cab Monday morning. Camp workers said when she got out of the cab, Frnak dropped her bags and took off on foot.

Police were called after it was discovered she had been at the camp two weeks ago and that her parents had just realized she was gone.

The camp director said Frank is not a current camper but just showed up. Over 100 people from Monroe County are conducting the 117 acre search.

Locals said they the woods can be rough.

Police said they’ve tried to track Frank’s cell phone, but it’s been turned off. They hope to find the teen as soon as possible.

Authorities were relying on search dogs, but Monday’s rainfall disrupted those efforts. The search was called off Tuesday at 1 a.m.