Man plans to live atop billboard until city goes a week without a murder

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A local man says he’ll climb up and live atop a billboard until St. Louis can go seven days without a murder.

Daniel “Boone” Fuller is utilizing an old-world art form to help solve a modern problem.

“I’m pledging to go up on a billboard to raise awareness to stop the killing and not come down until there hasn’t been a murder for seven days,” Fuller said.

Fuller has built, painted or posted on some 600 billboards in the St. Louis region. It’s an old world art form, hanging billboards with glue, a brush, and plenty of elbow grease.

Every day, this third generation bill poster is working in neighborhoods that have seen the aftermath of violence. He posts at least 20 of these smaller, three-panel billboards each day.

“You have to go around crime scene tape of a murder,” he said. “Then you go to East St. Louis, same thing, and you know, it just gets to you. It just gets to you.”

Fuller intends to announce which billboard by the end of the month. His plan is to camp out on top until St. Louis can go seven days without a homicide. He hopes he won’t be up the billboard longer than a week.

Meanwhile, Fuller created Art for Goodness Sake, which will post billboards around town made by people using a paintbrush iPhone app.