Yacht Club nervous over flooding Mississippi River

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - The water is 12 feet deep at the Yacht Club of St. Louis in St. Charles County.

But another few feet from this nearby river could spell trouble.

"This is a restaurant and they're concerned that the water is going to come into this on the floor and they're going to be shut down for awhile," says John Bloch, owner of Bloch Marine Service.

"That takes a long time to get that back up again."

Tuesday afternoon the topic of water was the conversation at this private party just a few feet away from the Mississippi River.

We're the only ones on the river.  We're the only ones.  Everyone is flooded out.  We're stranded.

From the pool to the possibility of more water ruining everything, John Bloch has seen his share of rising rivers.

"My concern is that the river is being walled in more and more with levees and wing dams and things like that that cause it to be more volatile," says Bloch.

Nearby, Highway B was closed Tuesday afternoon as water stood in corn crops and over the road.

And for Bloch who has spent 40 years in business on the Alton Pool of the Mississippi River, this isn't flood of 93 proportions, but it does have his attention.

"If we ever have real rain like we did in '93, all the river systems from all the river basins, they were all pouring in here," says Bloch.  "I wonder what that's going to do and '93 was a big disaster."

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