Brazen beer thief returns to scene of crime

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ATLANTA, GA - A brazen thief enters an Atlanta gas station and walks out with two cases of beer.

A clerk tries to stop him but is unsuccessful.

Then, the suspect comes back to the same gas station not once... But twice!

And the whole thing was caught on surveillance camera.

Tyisha Fernandes reports.

It was Wednesday night, around 11 o'clock, when this blue suburban pulled up to the chevron across from Morehouse College.

"Yes, I saw this guy before."

The surveillance video shows this driver put this trash can in front of the door to hold it open.

He grabbed two cases of beer, said something to the clerk and attempted to walk out without paying.

The clerk ran out from behind the counter with his baton.

The thief pulled out a knife.

They fought for a couple seconds before the thief took off.

The clerk locked the door and, a few minutes later, the thief came back in the same blue suburban.

He pried the locked door open with his knife, used the trash can again, kicked the door the clerk was hiding behind and headed back to the fridge to grab more beer.

Meanwhile, the clerk was calling 911.

"It looked like he's high on some kind of drugs."

"We think he's going to come back again."

And he did.

In a different truck, right in front of us.

My photographer, Justin crate, shot this cell phone video right after the thief chased the gas station owner with a knife.

Then, he jumped into this truck that was parked next to us while the clerks used their baton and another object to hit the back of his truck.

He nearly ran one of the over.

Then, he sped off.

"If you see this guy, please call the police. We want this guy arrested."

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