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SAN ANTONIO, TX - A driver caused about eight crashes, according to police, after he got on a Texas highway going the wrong way.

Police say Juan Rivera is facing a charge of intoxication assault.

Bill Barajas talked to one driver who saw Rivera’s crazy ride on Saturday.

(Nats) "He's still in shock. He could really hurt himself if he keeps moving around don't let him move. Shut the car off so it doesn't start a fire."

Dazed, confused and appearing unaware of what he had done or where he was.

(Police Officer) "Do you know what's going on today?"

Gabriel Gonzalez’s camera was rolling seconds after this man crashed into at least 8 vehicles.

(Gabriel Gonzalez, Witness) "It's something that drops your heart to the bottom, and it makes your gut turn."

It started at about 1 on Loop 410 near Lake Side Parkway, ending between Military Drive and Culebra Road.

(Gabriel Gonzalez, Witness) "He just started hitting cars. Boom, boom, boom. I just followed him along. Finally when I saw him come to a stop, I just jumped the guardrail and I went to make sure he didn't go anywhere."

Gonzalez was driving the right way -- northbound in the northbound lanes. The man arrested was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes. Their vehicles basically driving parallel to one another.

(Gabriel Gonzalez, Witness) "I was flicking the lights. I'm not sure if they could pay attention because of the guardrail, but I was doing anything I could. I was even putting my hand out the window like stop, stop, stop, stop."

Several people were injured and taken to the hospital but police say everybody is expected to be OK.

Police say Rivera could face more charges as the investigation continues.

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