Vandals slash dozens of car tires in Troy MO

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TROY, MO (KPLR) – Vicious vandals slash and dash their way through dozens of tires in Troy Missouri.

Police got the first call at 4:00 Sunday morning and little did they know how big a problem they were about to discover as people began waking up in the Trojan Lakes Subdivision to celebrate Father`s Day.

Some victim`s had just one tire slashed, others lost two, Kish Lewis is down three.

Troy police say they have a few leads, but no suspects yet.

Police have identified a few people who may be witnesses and they will be looking at video from a residential security camera which may have more clues. Police think given the large number of cars that were hit that there was probably more than one vandal involved.

Anyone with information on the tire slashing should call the Troy police.