Six-year-old’s free library stolen from her porch

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) - A six-year-old girl from is heartbroken after someone stole her library.

Reese Short’s free library was intended for the neighborhood to use and Reese wanted to share with her neighbors. Reading is something Reese is passionate about.

Her mother, Beka, says Reese worked so hard and it hurts her to see it's all gone.

"I'm starting to get really sad," Reese said.

It was hard for Reese to talk about the project. She loves to read and she enjoys writing books.

“We officially launched the free library a few weeks ago. Monday we discovered it was gone. The cabinet, the books everything," Beka said.

The family is wondering how someone could take the free library. The Short family says the concept of a free library is to take a book and return a book. The family says it's simple: it's a swap.

The Short family is hoping it was an honest mistake.

A neighbor across the street claims a woman pull up walked up to the front porch of the home, loaded the free library in her car and drove off, leaving only the sign behind. There were about 30 books in the library at the time.

The Short family reported the incident to police.

Offers of book donations have poured in for the six-year-old. The family says Reese hopes someone returns the free library. In the meantime, Reese plans to build a new one.

If you would like to donate books or make a donation, contact the family at