Woman raises over $20,000 for “relentlessly gay” yard

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BALTIMORE, MD (KPLR) – After receiving a note calling her front yard “relentlessly gay,” one Maryland woman created a fundraising campaign in retaliation towards the sender.

Hanging in Julie Baker’s yard was a set of rainbow solar lights that spelled out “LOVE” and “OHANA.” The letter, signed by “a concerned home owner,” asked Baker to stop being “relentlessly gay” because the neighborhood is a “Christian area and there are Children,” and even threatened to call the police because of her lawn.

Baker, a single mother of four, created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000 to add more rainbows to her home. Her page was shared on George Takei’s Facebook page and quickly went viral.

Baker has exceeded her goal by raising more than $20,000. On her gofundme page Baker said she would “battle” the hatred of the letter with “whimsy and beauty and laughter in love, wrapped around my home.”