St. Louis city officials with vehicles provided by taxpayers

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Take home cars for St Louis City Elected Officials are in the spotlight after a car controversy surrounding a car request by the St Louis Recorder of Deeds Sharon Carpenter.

Elected officials get the free take home vehicles courtesy of taxpayers for their business and personal use. Some even get city credit cars to gas up the vehicles.

Some of the elected officials earn six figure salaries and yet you pay for their cars.

You Paid For It investigated this deal that officials have had for decades. Not only do they get a vehicle. But they can get a nice one. The city ordinance allows them to order one with the luxury package.

The city’s Capital Committee Okays some of those cars. One of those on the Capitol Committee who had second thoughts about Sharon Carpenter’s car agrees it may be time to take a hard look at the vehicles for other elected officials as well.

Recently the issue came to a head when Recorder of Deeds Carpenter first requested a car then reversed herself after it was revealed that her husband had accidents in the older city car she used to have.

As we first told you she gave up her vehicle on condition the city use the money for a police patrol car.

The Capital Committee decided to spend the money on another piece of equipment instead like a tow truck or a utility vehicle.

Neither Mayor Francis Slay, nor Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed have take home cars.

St. Louis County Department heads used to have take home cars but after our reports the previous County Executive forced them to give up that perk. Now time may be running out for St. Louis City elected officials with take home cars.

Sharon Quigley Carpenter St. Louis Recorder of Deeds