Latest document discovery contradicts Homer G. Phillips stolen baby claims

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – The latest paper trail in the Homer G. Phillips mystery appears to tell a completely different story.  The documents contradict a mother`s claim that her child was stolen at birth.

It`s a story that spread internationally, starting in April, when Zella Jackson Price reunited with her daughter Melanie Diane Gilmore.  Jackson Price said staff at the now closed Homer G Phillips city hospital number one told her that her daughter died after birth, 50 years ago.  The U.S. Attorney`s office began investigating and reportedly uncovered contradictory evidence.  The Feds gave it to Zella, who showed a St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter this week.

It`s 17 pages of reports from social service agencies, including the Missouri Division of Children`s Services.  Zella Jackson Price showed them to St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Nancy Cambria and today Jackson Price`s attorney, Al Watkins also provided them to FOX2.

The documents do not say she delivered her baby at Homer G. Phillips, but rather City Hospital number one.  Jackson Price did not answer her door or her phone today, but on May 28th, she answered earlier contradictory documents.  She said of the documents author, 'You are trying to kill my character. You`re trying to lie and say I was at one hospital and you can keep up your records that good? I`ve never been to city hospital in my life.'

The latest documents say the baby was born at 24 to 28 weeks old, had a 'heart murmur' and 'hernia.'  The Missouri Division of Family Services reports range from 1965 to 1969, stating the child was 'abandoned by her mother.'  The paper trail also reveals names of three other relatives and attempts to contact them.  Those relatives reportedly would not help.

During our May 28th interview, Jackson Price said incredulously, 'They said I abandoned her. I actually have 5 other children that are actually spoiled.  That`s one of them right there. Why would I abandon?  She was the middle one too. Diane is in the middle. Why would I abandon?'

I also talked today to the man listed on court records as the 'putative father.'  He said that`s a mistake, he`s not the dad.  He said maybe he`s listed that way because he was married to Zella at the time in question, but says they`d been separated for a long time.  He did not want to get involved in this report or talk on camera.

Jackson Price`s attorney Al Watkins, said we`re still a long way from the truth.  Watkins claims we`re still missing many documents, including potential police reports.  He also says there are still many inconsistencies and what he claims to be forged signatures in the documents.

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