Police investigating homicide at Caseyville trailer park

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CASEYVILLE, IL (KPLR) - A man is dead after witnesses say he tried to attack the new boyfriend of his ex, and was shot in the process. It happened early Saturday morning on Cankelly Lane in Caseyville, IL.

Police arrived on the block of neatly kept mobile homes to find the 24-year-old victim dying up against the vehicle he arrived in. He would make it to the hospital before passing away.

But two people who were in the home when everything happened say the dead man arrived with two other men in a fit of rage, and was attacking the brother of the man who killed him.

The three alleged aggressors arrived at the end of the street as his ex-girlfriend was leaving the home where her new boyfriend resides. The men allegedly attacked the ex as she was trying to drive away. There are visible dents to the hood of her car, and the windshield was badly cracked in two spots. Witnesses say one of the three men, “a member of the military” according to someone at the scene, punched the woman in the face. She had visible injuries Saturday morning.

It was after this, the three are said to have headed for the mobile home. The new boyfriend, who asked not to be identified for fear of his safety, says they were coming after him because he was seeing the woman.

“Exactly. That’s exactly what happened. And like she said, she’s got voice on the phone saying he had a knife. He was coming to kill me. Three people were coming to kill me in my house.”

The girlfriend of that man’s older brother, who also lives there and was inside, says she was awoken by the ruckus. She also asked that her name not be used.

“Banging, screaming, I didn’t know what was going on. So I woke my boyfriend up and said, ‘Babe, someone’s in our house.’

Her boyfriend then went into the room where the fight was taking place, firing off a warning shot.

From there, those who were inside say things moved into the front yard. There, the two men with the ex-boyfriend are said to have gotten into the vehicle they came in, but the witnesses say the man who eventually died wasn’t done.

“Got in his trunk, and got an axle or something and started walking toward our porch and started swinging it around,” the female witness says.

“(He) was carrying it to my house and threatening to beat me and my brother in the face and killing us in front of my house,” the man said.

That’s when they say the older brother, 25, opened fire.

The woman says his friends tried to carry him to his truck, but couldn’t lift him in. Paramedics and police would arrive minutes later, just before 2 am.

“He was suffering from a gunshot wound,” Illinois State Police MSgt. Mark Doiron said. “He was transported to a Bellville area hospital where he died from his injuries.”

Police remained on the scene well into Saturday morning. They were seen carrying the door to the home away, placing it in a crime scene investigation vehicle.

Troopers report questioning several witnesses, including the man who fired the fatal shots. No decision had been made as to whether charges would be filed as of Saturday afternoon.

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