Erratic driver crash caught on camera

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HARRISON, OH - An Ohio woman had her camera rolling when she said an impaired driver caused a head-on crash.

John Genovese has the video and what police believe was behind the crash.

(nats) (Christina Featherkile/Witness) "There it goes" crash "yup, oh my god"

Caught on camera

(Christina Featherkile/Witness) "We saw the red vehicle kinda swerving lane to lane"

Christina Featherkile was in the passenger seat. Her sister, taking them home, tailing far-enough behind this red Honda sedan

(Christina Featherkile/Witness) "They hit a guard rail and knocked off a passenger side mirror -- before I started recording the video"

For a little more than 2 minutes her cell phone capturing -- this.

(nats) (Christina Featherkile/Witness) "He’s definitely gonna hit somebody"

The red sedan -- swerving over the divider

(nats) (Christina Featherkile/Witness) "Oh my god -- oh my god"

Almost hitting cars -- eventually crashing

(Christina Featherkile/Witness) "I just knew it was a matter of time before they were gonna hit somebody"

Paramedics rushing a man in the pickup truck to the hospital with serious injuries to his legs.

The passenger in the red car -- also checked out.

(Sgt. Mike Tarr/Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) "We’re gonna wrap up the investigation. we'll wait for the lab results and then probably aggravated vehicular assault charges will be pending"

Deputies believe the driver was abusing prescription drugs.

But so far... No charges have been filed.

(Sgt. Mike Tarr/Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) "It just shows how drastically this can affect someone driving"

(Christina Featherkile/Witness) "They almost hit a semi. They ran a red car off the road -- and it was just crazy"

Christina says it’s something she never wants to see again.

All part of a wreck she knows could've been much worse

(Christina Featherkile/Witness) "Several times in the video I'm like oh my god there they go there they go and I just knew it was gonna happen"

Police say the male driver of the red car could face aggravated vehicular assault charges.

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