Unique outdoor fitness facility available at Caseyville city park

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CASEYVILLE, IL (KPLR) – A new outdoor fitness facility is opening in Caseyville, Illinois.  If you’re a resident of Caseyville and you’re tired of working out inside a stuffy old cramped gym, this may be the place for you.

“I think probably being outside you`re going to use the facility a little bit longer than being cramped up inside.” said Brian Rader of Caseyville Public Works.

Brian Rader is Caseyville`s superintendent of public works.  It was his team that came up with the idea to add the workout equipment at the city`s park.  All they needed was the money.

That came last fall when the city received a $30,000 park grant from St. Clair County.  Now their park is ready to use.

They have managed to pack a whole lot of workout in a very small space.  As you look around there are no free weights here.  These are all body weight exercises.  You are literally pushing and lifting yourself. There is even a spot that is handicap accessible.  All they have to do is come over here, back their wheelchair in and they are ready to go.

The fitness facility, like the rest of the park, is open sunrise to sunset.  You just need the will power to come out and mother nature to provide good weather.

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