Funeral holograms for the departed

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL - Funerals can be an emotionally painful experience for mourners. But imagine if the recently departed could appear at their own service to offer a few words of encouragement, and make everyone smile.

That's the goal of a 3D projection company in Florida that says funeral holograms are the way of the future.

Kathleen Walter shows us how it works.

Whoo! Real smoking good time mention I'm there.

Meet Carl Minardo.

Well it's not the real Carl.

It’s a 3D holographic moving image of Carl, delivering his own eulogy.

What a great life I had!

Now meet the real Carl, the President of Aim Holographics in West Palm Beach.

He hopes to change the future of funerals, by giving folks the ability to pre record their eulogies with 3d holographic technology.

It gives you an opportunity to you talk to the people who won important to you in your life and really now that you're gone, let them know how meaningful they were to you.

It is technology once reserved for Michael Jackson or Tupac Shakur.

Karl says the eulogy or any other message or video in this case dancer Natasha is recorded in his studio and featured on projectors both small and large.

I'm standing by the hologram projection screen known as a holo-cube. It projects pre-recorded 3D images in life size.

It's as realistic as you can get without being you.  Other than you coming up and talking to me, this is the closest it's ever going to be, because it's three-dimensional.

Carl hopes to tap into the 76-million baby boomers driving the funeral industry.

He thinks funeral homes will see 3D as a way of maintaining their revenue streams while giving baby boomers a high-tech way to keep their legacy alive.

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