Case dropped against woman charged in burning a dog in North St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – For now there is no justice for Brownie. Brownie was a dog that died from injuries it suffered after being set on fire on Cote Brilliante in North St. Louis. The pictures are so graphic we can't even show them. There is no justice because St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce dropped charges today against the only person they say committed the crime, that being Adrienne Martin.

The prosecution says they had a strong witness but that person didn't want to cooperate with the investigation anymore. Joyce says, "We could have a million police officers but if we don't have one witness we can't hold anyone accountable."

Previously, a woman claiming to be a family member of Adrienne Martin said it could not have been her because she wasn't there. However, Joyce thinks it was her because of the witness and statement and because of posts made on Martin's Facebook page saying "killa

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