Police tase 2 protesters during march in downtown St. Louis

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ST .LOUIS (KPLR) – There is outrage tonight after video surfaced of police arresting and tazing two people after hours of protests in downtown St. Louis.

Police say officers used tasers on two demonstrators who resisted arrest after they allegedly put themselves and drivers in danger during hours of protests Friday night in downtown St. Louis.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be a couple dozen demonstrators gathered outside Busch Stadium during the Cardinals Dodgers game,

Just after 11:45, police say they walked into traffic at Washington and Tucker, forcing drivers to either stop or hit them. Just a few minutes earlier the marched up the center of Washington Avenue, in spite of repeatedly being ordered to the sidewalks.

After several near accidents, officers moved in to arrest several protesters. During the arrest, 2 protesters were tased for resisting arrest. In total, 8 protesters were arrested for impeding traffic.

Reporter Andy Banker has the full story.