Mt. Vernon street fight caught on camera

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MT. VERNON, IL - Police in Mount Vernon, Illinois are looking for suspects involved in several street fights caught on camera.

Saturday a large gathering erupted in gunfire and police were able to arrest and charge two men.

As Matthew Searcy reports, police are working to curb the violence.

A street fight breaks out in downtown Mt. Vernon.

Cell phone footage captures a group of men throwing bikes while another wields a steel pipe  surrounded by dozens of neighbors.

(Chief Chris Deichman, Mt. Vernon Police) "We had a couple of calls from concerned citizens that saw them."

Mt. Vernon Police Chief Chris Deichman has seen the viral video.

Including this one which captures another south town brawl between two unidentified men.

(Chief Chris Deichman, Mt. Vernon Police) "Some of the offenders have been identified, or are in the process of being identified, for possible charges."

None of the men in the video have been arrested or charged but police did make two arrests during a similar but separate.

Altercation this past weekend.

(Chief Chris Deichman, Mt. Vernon Police) "On the 600 block of Herbert there was a large gathering there at a residence, 100 to 150 people, and several series of shots rang out."

Police say this man Tyrane Jackson fired the gun.

When police arrived they say multiple fights broke out one involving this man Alvin Gray  who began fighting with officers.

Despite the arrests many Mt. Vernon citizens are concerned by the violence.

Reacting to the violent videos with comments from "pitiful" to "need a lot of prayers", "fighting is so overrated."

Deichman says police will continue to investigate the videos and patrol the area to cut down on future violence.

(Chief Chris Deichman, Mt. Vernon Police) "When the kids are out of school are activity obviously picks up, but we can have large fights at any given time."

That was Matthew Searcy reporting.

One officer was injured during the weekend arrest.

Police say his injuries are minor.

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