Attorney wants faster search of Homer G. Phillips Hospital records

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Attorney wants faster search of Homer G. Phillips Hospital records

A St. Louis attorney is pushing city officials to speed up their search of Homer G. Phillips Hospital records.  She`s trying to get answers about babies reportedly stolen at the former city hospital that closed in 1979.

Attorney Donna Clark Frayne says some of her clients are running out of time.  She has an unusual idea to help the City in its search for the truth.  Now new leads, like a court case recently revealed in our Fox Files report, indicate the mystery can be solved.

Frayne reviewed the case and said, ‘To me this is proof, as much as we could have at this point.’

Frayne represents Marnita McGill.  McGill is the first person who has court records revealing she was stolen at birth from Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

Frayne said the court documents… ‘outright say she was stolen. They use the word stolen.’

McGill`s now reunited with her birth sisters, who are looking for more answers.  They want to know who forged their blind mother`s name on an adoption certificate.  Pamela Jackson-Hutchinson said, ‘They signed my mother`s name on it and it didn`t have an x or anything on that paper.’

Chris Hayes asked, ‘Who did that?’

Jackson-Hutchinson answered, ‘I don`t know.’

Hayes followed up, ‘You`d like to know.’

Jackson-Hutchinson said, ‘I really do. I really would like to know.’

The answers may be inside old Homer G. Phillips Hospital records, now stored by the St. Louis Health Department.

Attorney Frayne asked out loud, ‘Who`s going through the boxes?  Melba Moore said in an interview, that they have a couple people, they have two eyes looking at them.  They need to have 10 to 20 eyes on this.  I said do you want me to come down there and bring women who are passionate about this who are intelligent and competent?  We`ll go through them!”

City officials say they need to do it the right way, protecting people`s health records and abiding by federal privacy laws.  Frayne says some of the mothers searching for answers don`t have a lot of time.

She said, ‘Now you have no way maybe of getting to the truth and that`s why I think people are coming to me because they think that I might have means of getting this information and I`m trying not to let them down. I`m doing whatever I can, but I`m so frustrated that it`s going too slowly.’

Marnita McGill`s case has already led to one alarming discovery, on a birth certificate from Marnita’s sister born two years later at Homer G. Phillips.

ere it asks “How many other children were born alive but are now dead?” It`s typed “0.”








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