Alderman French proposes committee to investigate officer- involved shootings

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- It’s a hot topic, and now officer-involved shootings in the City of St. Louis could be investigated. Alderman Antonio French will introduce the resolution to the Board of Aldermen at City Hall Thursday morning at 10a.m. It calls for select group of aldermen to look into reports of police-involved shootings. The reason is because the Civilian Oversight Board won`t be formed until 2016. This committee would be in place until then and look into police- involved shootings from January 2014 until the end of 2015.

French hopes the committee would help mitigate the distrust between police and the community. Unlike the Civilian Oversight Board, this resolution would give the committee subpoena power, meaning this group of aldermen would have access to all information in the investigation, and be able to interview those involved in the altercation.

French adds that any concerns people have had about a Civilian Oversight Board should be reduced in this case since this committee would be comprised only of elected officials. “It will be representative of folks, the president would select the members so it can be representative both of geography and ideology, and it will give a fair shot to both citizens and police officers in investigating these claims,” said French.

After this resolution is introduced this morning, it would be sent to a committee for discussion and a vote, likely the Public Safety Committee. Then, it would be brought back to the entire board of aldermen for a final vote.

It needs 15 votes to pass.