Prosecutors will now assist St. Louis police at homicide scenes

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Police and prosecutors will all converge on murder scenes in St. Louis. The prosecutors will observe the investigation, interview witnesses and connect with families of victims. The goal is to help solve more murders.

In 2015, 64 people have been murdered in St. Louis, with 44 of those murders being unsolved.

Maria Miller’s 21-year-old son Courtney Williams was shot to death in 2014. The college student’s murder is also unsolved.

“I have to deal with that every day of my life,” Miller said. “Waking up and going to sleep is the hardest part.”

It is a pain the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office is trying to prevent any other mothers from feeling.

Mary Pat Carl is the lead homicide prosecutor for the city of St. Louis. She is heading the team that will now assist police at homicide scenes.

“People out there know things about all of these homicides that are unsolved,” Carl Said.

Carl added that being visible at the scenes from the start also helps prosecutors build trust with witnesses.

“If we are there from the start then we begin to earn that trust with witnesses,” she said.

FOX 2’s Anthony Kiekow learned about the new strategy after pressing the police chief about the number of unsolved murders earlier this month.