Crown Candy burglarized overnight

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A century-old local dining institution was burglarized overnight.

Andy Karandzieff, one of the owners and operators of the famous Crown Candy Kitchen, took to social media early Tuesday to alert the public to the incident.

The burglars broke two windows and only got away with $10 in change and ruined two hundred pounds of chocolate when he shattered a window in a room near the chocolate melter. The chocolate would have sold for about $3,000.

Karandzieff later tweeted that the crime has caused him to lose “a little more faith in humanity.”

Crown Candy Kitchen has been operating in north city at St. Louis Avenue in Old North St. Louis for more than one hundred years.

This is the third time the business has been burglarized.


(Source: Crown Candy)

(Source: Crown Candy)