Dog thrown over interstate bridge

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COVINGTON, KY - A dog is thrown from an interstate overpass in northern Kentucky Wednesday.

His owner... Forced to put him down.

Now police are trying to figure out how the terrible incident happened.

John Genovese spoke with the dog's owner.

At a home along 'Hermes Avenue' in Covington.

This 6-and-a-half year old 'hound mix' named 'Bo'...

(Brian Due, Owner) "We did everything together."

Breaking free from the front yard...

(Brian Due, Owner) "I usually put him on a chain and he kind of got away from me."

His owner Brian due... Says it's happened before, but Bo's always come back.

This time -- was different.

(Brian Due, Owner) "I just had a feeling it was him."

A neighbor telling Brian something that happened around lunchtime just a few blocks away.

(Brian Due, Owner) "Somebody had actually said that they had seen somebody throw him out of the vehicle over the overpass."

A Good Samaritan rushing 'Bo' to this 'Fort Wright' clinic.

Brian -- calling everywhere--

(Brian Due, Owner) "I was holding onto some little hope that it may've not been him."

But when he walking in he knew right away.

(Brian Due, Owner) "I could not believe a human -- another human being could do that to a dog or anything."

Bo suffering from broken bones and a ruptured spleen.

The vet told Brian they had no choice ... He had to be put down.

(Brian Due, Owner) "He would never harm a soul. He was a wonderful dog and my family and I are just torn up over this. And today is actually my birthday -- and I had to go identify my dog at the vet and -- it's just been a rough day."

More than a day without the answers he needs.

Now a plea for anyone who knows anything to come forward.

(Brian Due, Owner) "He was part of the family. He was like a son to me."

Due's neighbors said dogs have been taken from the street in the past.

Local police are investigating, and ask anyone with information to notify them.

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