Principal found in car with student smoking pot

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PALM SPRINGS, FL – Parents of students at a Florida charter school are demanding answers.

This after the school’s 45-year-old principal and a student were arrested after allegedly being caught in a car with drugs.

Michelle Quesada reports.

On Wednesday night, the principal of Mavericks High, an alternative charter school in Palm Springs, was arrested after she was found in a car with a student allegedly smoking pot.

According to a police report, her shirt was unbuttoned and the car reeked of marijuana.

Tonight, parents like Brenda Anyzeski are asking questions about what kind of school her daughter’s going to.

(Brenda Anyzeski): “It’s very disappointing, you send your child to school every day and look at what happens.”

Her daughter Bryanna McFarland enrolled at Mavericks High after she fell behind in public school.

(Brenda Anyzeski): “Thankfully she hasn’t been there very long. She just went there to finish up and get caught up on her credits.”

She graduates next month and even though she says the charter school is not a bad school, she wouldn’t do it over.

We’re learning that the 18-year-old accused of smoking pot with the principal has a previous arrest for possession of marijuana.

(Bryanna McFarland) “I knew there was bad kids there but not as bad as I found out when I went there.”

The Palm Beach County School District says it initially approves the charter schools but has nothing to do with how they are run or their disciplinary action.

Anzyseki is hoping other students and parents research before they enroll.

(Brenda Anyzeski) “Make sure it’s the right thing for you.”

The school’s principal, Krista Morton, has been suspended from her job pending the outcome of an investigation by the school’s operator.

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