Step-brothers accused of using Craiglist to steal motorcycles

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-More crimes surrounding buyers and sellers on Craigslist are under investigation in the St. Louis area. This after prosecutors this week charged Michael Gordon, 24, in the fatal shooting  of Taylor Clark. Gordon met Clark, 19, through a Craigslist ad that Clark had placed about the sale of his car.

In Des Peres, a couple of step-brothers are suspected of ripping off people selling motorcycles. St. Louis County police say the suspects agreed to meet at an area mall to make the deal and then everything goes wrong.

St. Louis County Police spokesman Officer Shawn McGuire said, “You just don’t know who you’re dealing with when you put something on Craigslist.”

Chad Boesing, 27, is already jailed. Police are seeking charges against Boesing’s step-brother.

“Especially with the recent events we need to pay attention to this,” McGuire said.

Police indicated Boesing and his accomplice are not physically harming victims. Instead, they’re allegedly going on Craigslist to set up the purchase of a motorcycle at a public location.  At South County Center, police said the step-brothers gave the victim a hot check. At West County Mall they diverted the seller’s attention and stole the bike. They are also wanted for a similar case in Illinois.  They are reportedly responsible for three thefts in one week.

Des Peres Police Detective Trent Koppel says, “These two are not rocket scientists.”

Koppel said in the Des Peres case the suspects used their own cell phone to set up the sale disclosing their own cell phone number. Detectives used that information to find them.  Then later Boesing and his step-brother allegedly texted the victim, taunting him, telling him he’d never get the motorcycle back. In effect, cops said they admitted to the crime.

Trent Koppel said, “It’s an absolute admission of guilt.”

St. Louis County police recommend anyone who is making a purchase or selling from a site like Craigslist make the exchange at a police precinct where an officer can be on hand to witness the event, giving those involved more security and possibly some good advice.

McGuire said, “An officer there would recognize that personal checks usually aren’t a very good idea taking them from a stranger.”

Bonds on Boesing total $35,000 for vehicle theft.

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