Disturbing Facebook MetroLink video shows no one breaking up fight

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Video of a fight between two girls on a MetroLink train hit social media Friday. No one tries to break up the fight on the train during the minute and a half clip. Metro has released a statement about the fight.

The video was sent on Friday through a Facebook message. The cell phone video shows two girls, apparently teenagers, fighting. One girl clearly dominates the other girl knocking her to the floor and delivering blow after blow to the other girl’s face and head. At one point the girl is dragged by the hair across the floor.

The video shows a crowd gathered around the fight, some people are shouting, some taking pictures. During this clip of video no one steps in to stop the fight.

A second piece of video shows the girls outside the train on a MetroLink platform where one girl tried to continue the fight but was held back by someone.

Metro released a statement Friday afternoon saying a MetroLink operator reported a disturbance on a train on May 1st. The operator requested security meet the train at the next station. The train arrived at the Forest Park-Debaliviere station less than a minute later. A Metro public safety officer met the women at the platform. One woman left the scene and the other boarded another train. A police report was not filed.

No word on what caused the fight. The extent of injuries to the girls is not known.

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