Outdated scoreboard makes football games difficult at McCluer South-Berkeley

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – Fans are in the dark both literally and figuratively on one local football field.

At McCluer South-Berkeley High School, they are in a desperate need to replace their outdated scoreboard because they can’t see the time or score on it.

“It’s very embarrassing to have a scoreboard but no one knows that it’s actually on or working,” said quarterback Tyler Chandler.

The football team has a huge problem.

“The visibility around 12, 1, 2 o’clock when the football game is mostly played, the sun is beaming directly on the bulbs, and you can barely see the score,” said athletic director Keith Rhodes.

Most schools in the St. Louis area have LED scoreboards, which are very easy to read from the field or up in the announcer’s booth. If you have to announce a game at McCluer South-Berkeley High School, you might struggle.

“The announcers have become aware of that situation and they constantly have to report how much time is left, what the score is,” Rhodes said.

If you’re a quarterback, it’s especially hard to lead your team to victory.

“Usually when the clock is winding down and we need to get a quick possession, I need to look at the clock sometimes to see how much time I have to work with, and doing so, I can barely notice that the scoreboard is on,” Chandler said.

Fans can’t even enjoy rooting for their team.

“The fans who are at the game whether they’re home or away, there are plenty of complaints during the game and after the game about not being able to see the score or not knowing how much time is left,” said Rhodes.

At one point, the school even tried to replace the bulbs on the scoreboard with red ones. Even that didn’t work as well.

The Berkeley High School Alumni Group has stepped in to help raise money for the school.

“We want the students here to have that memorable high school experience and what is needed is a new scoreboard,” said Andreas Goree, chairman of the BHS Alumni Group.

For more ways on how to help: http://www.bhsalumnigroup.com/

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