Warren County man accused of sodomy of a child

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WARREN COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - The hunt has ended for a suspected child molester in Warren County, thanks to family pressure and media attention.  The suspect is now behind bars.  He’s being held on a $100,000 cash only bond. Deputies have been looking for the suspect for days.

The alleged crime happened about two miles north of Wright City in late April. Destanie Eise lives in the neighborhood, “It worries me and for other parents who have kids.”

Residents who live in the area said they have been keeping a close watch on their kids and, the home of 54 year old Eugene Neil Haggard.  He was charged with statutory sodomy first degree involving a six year old girl.  Neighbor Jessie Baker said, “It’s sickening so yeah absolutely.”

Detectives said the mother of the victim who lives in the neighborhood called authorities and told them Haggard had visited their home and afterwards their daughter told them what happened while she was alone with Haggard for a few minutes. She said he touched her in a sexual manner.

Authorities said Haggard not only violated the little girl but also the family’s trust.  Sheriff Kevin Harrison said, “It’s devastating, the betrayal, what the parents are going through from the night the six year old whispers something in their ear.”

The sheriff wondered if Haggard has other victims.  Harrison said, “A 54year old, I don’t believe this man woke up and decided he was going to molest a six year old child. Our fear is we will probably find out there have been other victims.”

After obtaining a warrant for his arrest authorities went to Haggard’s home and to places where he worked but they couldn’t find hm. They wanted him behind bars before anyone else could be harmed.  Harrison added, “Statistically people who have done this they will re-offend.”

The sheriff said Haggard’s family has been putting pressure on him to turn himself in. That and the media attention seemed to work.  As of 2:30 Wednesday afternoon Haggard was behind bars, he had turned himself in.