University City holds focus group to see what services residents want

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KPLR) - As policing around the country continues to evolve University City is working to bridge the gap between citizens and police. On Tuesday officials held a focus group to discuss everything from policing to city infrastructure.

UMSL criminology professor and University City resident Lee Slocum along with 20 students and a citizen’s volunteer corp worked to create this survey. Mayor Shelley Welsch says it`s designed to find out what the city`s 35,000 residents really think about the police and city services.

"People can come out and voice the problems they`re having with the police or talk about the good things they`ve seen police do in the neighborhood. Police can also stop by and show you how to keep your home safe.' said Slocum

'What I hope is that our survey becomes a model for municipalities around the St. Louis region with municipal departments." said Welsch

More than 350 surveys have been returned so far. And the team is hoping to get more data from African- Americans, young people and men to complete the project. A new survey is expected in the fall.